Alumni Jamie Barnes Talks About Life After College

On March 21st, Pacific alumni Jamie Barnes gave a talk in the DeRosa University Center about life after college. Having graduated in '13 with a degree in Business Administration, Arts & Entertainment and Entrepreneurship, Barnes currently works at Square and Plural Music. The event was hosted by the Career Resource Center. During the talk, Barnes gave advice that he wish he knew in college which apply to many aspects of life, such as “never waste a perfectly good failure” and “experience is always the best teacher.” Each failure teaches us something new, and it is a success in and of itself because of the new learning experience. He also called himself a “student of life,” forever learning every day. An important message Barnes brought up was that you should always understand the growth potential of any opportunity you have. He recalled one of his first jobs after college; after working there for three months, he moved on to a different job because he understood that he had learned everything he could there, and another place would be more fulfilling. When you aim for a job/position advancement, the interview is not the only important part. Barnes stressed the importance of showing up, meaning being on time and putting in your all. “You’re interviewing for your next role everyday,” Barnes explained. “Make yourself invaluable to the team.” Other advice from the event include taking good care of your physical and mental health - Barnes recommended meditation - as well as financial and educational health. When asked what he thought the biggest takeaway of the event should be, Barnes stated, “You will get out of life what you put into it.” Barnes is part of Plural Music, which was started by Pacific alumni. You may recognize Plural Music from their performances at Block Party and Sigma Chi’s recent Derby Days Benefit Bash, as well as their numerous shows outside of Stockton. Thinking about Plural’s impact on him, Barnes said that it, “allowed [him] to develop a new appreciation and way to interact with music through DJing. It’s also increased [his] over work capacity as once [he] gets home from the regular job, it’s back to work for Plural in a good way.” Check out Plural Music’s artist showcase at Oakland’s First Fridays event on May 3rd!