Farmers' Market Article

Healthier food options were closer than ever this month, as Pacific’s gardening club hosted its second farmers’ market on campus. The seventh of February saw students selling their own produce as a part of a perennial and creative attempt to introduce the Pacific community to vegetables and fruits that were grown directly on campus.   Herman Kaur, who works for the gardening club, has stated that the market was created as a method of increasing the Pacific community’s awareness about the club and what it has to offer to students. “The garden program itself is about bring awareness to students that we have a garden and it’s available to them. The farmer’s market is more to bring awareness to what happens in the garden and hopefully bring people in that way.” Within the garden program, each student has a small patch of soil located in an enclosure over by the art building, where they cultivate their own produce as guided by their director, and are scheduled to harvest their vegetables at a specified time. For this event, rather than selling the produce elsewhere, members of the club stationed themselves outside the DeRosa University Center for two hours to offer their work to Pacific students in hopes of raising interest in their program. Although it has been confirmed that the farmers’ market will be a recurring event, the date for subsequent events remains uncertain as of this moment.