Feature: Pacific Student Designs Website for Law Fraternity

Jan 24, 2021
The Pacifican

By: Jane Hwang

In December of 2020, Brenna Myers, Political Science, ‘23, decided to make a new website for Phi Alpha Delta (PAD), a law fraternity at the university, because she believed that it would be an asset and a fresh start for the organization. As the Public Relations/Marketing Chair of PAD, Myers was already in charge of the fraternity’s social media but she felt like a website would be another excellent and organized way of attracting potential new members.  

Even though Myers had never created a website before, her non-school related job as a leasing agent, which requires her to help prospective renters apply online by navigating through a variety of websites, gave her many ideas as to how a website should look and run. Myers decided to incorporate all the best elements of the websites to ensure her vision of an easy to use but high quality website through Weebly, a free website making service.  

“I was able to take a look at a lot of amazing templates on [Weebly],” says Myers, “and eventually I was able to combine and tweak them to make something that I thought everyone would like! Once the general format of the website was decided, I was able to add other elements, tabs, and even forms to the website. For the fraternity, I think the forms are definitely the most useful as they can allow people to sign up for recruitment events and ask the executive board questions directly! Another great part about the website is that if anyone has any suggestions, it’s super easy for me to edit, so nothing is set in stone.”

At an executive meeting, Myers mentioned that she needed pictures for the website’s “Meet the Members” page, suggestions for the website’s url, and information for the recruitment event forms, which surprised the current President of PAD, Sarah Hess, History and Pre-law, ‘21. She was not aware that Myers was creating a website for the benefit of the fraternity.

“I never even asked for her to make a website,” Hess stated. “She took it upon herself, which was super impressive!” 

The process took Myers a month and a half to complete, and she didn’t have many technical difficulties. Before the website’s publication, she made certain that the website conveyed PAD’s values as an organization and chapter and contained no mistakes or formatting issues in both the desktop and mobile versions. Now, the website is online and can be found on