Green Fashion Show Repurposes Garbage

by Diana Medina News Editor This month saw Pacific continue its long tradition of combining creativity with environmentally responsible practices. In a colourful display of how beauty can be created through materials that would otherwise be considered garbage, participants in Pacific’s ninth annual Green Fashion Show amazed audiences with their ability to put together gowns from everything to thrift store lace to garbage bags. The show, which took place on the twelfth of April in Grace Covell Hall, featured a total of eleven creations by six talented designers, a majority of which were crafted from garbage. Designs were judged by three categories: creativity, environmental viability, and artistic coherence. Judges included the incoming Asuop president Emily Sacket and career counselor Daniel Shaw, in order to get a diverse range of opinions on the designs. It was only after all gowns had been modeled for the assembled audience and an intermission had concluded that the scores were quantified and winners were announced for three categories. The first was “trash-to-class”, which evaluated the resourcefulness of the creation: a distinction that was awarded to a design called “Black Velvet Diva”. The second was for originality, which was won by a design called “Origami Hearts”, which was inspired by the Origami Club on campus. The third, which awarded the best overall, went to a gown called “Kalessi, Mother of Dragons”, a Game of Thrones-inspired design by a participant named Angelique and modeled by Bridgette Nicole Maness. One of Angelique’s other models, Maureen E. Jett, who wore a voluminous sea-green gown called “Queen of the Ocean”,  said that many of the winning designer’s gowns were inspired by the personalities of the models themselves. Considering that Bridgette Maness wore a design called “Mermaid Princess” in the same show, it can only be assumed that these interpretations, like the unprecedented uses for trash and trimmings, are multi-faceted.