Pacific Grad Publishes Book

Dec 02, 2020
The Pacifican
Emily F. Peters is a 2002 Pacific Alumna and author. She has published the book Procedures, which features women leaders in healthcare. In 2016, medicine saved Emily F. Peters’s life. Now, with the launch of her debut book, Procedure, she hopes to do her part to save medicine. Peters has spent the last decade working in healthcare; however, when a postpartum hemorrhage nearly took her life during childbirth, it was her experience as a patient that inspired her to launch the first in an ongoing book series celebrating the women remaking medicine. “Women are 80 percent of the workforce in healthcare yet immensely underrep-resented when it comes to leadership roles in the industry,” says Peters. “One of my goals with Procedure is to encourage women to take a leadership role — become a manager, a CEO, take the lead, raise her voice, start something — because in order to have a better health-care system, we need diverse voices.” The stories chronicled in Volume 1 are a mix of per-spectives from women who have served many different roles in healthcare. A critical care nurse and dean of a school of nursing, the head of U.S. country clinical opera-tions for Genentech, one of the first women astronauts, two surgeons, three physi-cians, a policy innovator, and startup co-founders all share their experiences throughout the pages of Procedure. Com-ing from different generations and different backgrounds and having chosen different paths in healthcare, the journeys of the women profiled are mark-edly unique but have led them toward the same goal — to heal a fractured system. “When Emily approached me with the idea of writing this book, I was ecstatic,” says Hemalee Patel, an internal medicine physician, entre-preneur, and advocate who shares her story in Proce-dure. “Practicing medicine is exceedingly difficult. Those of us who are drawn to it, in whatever capacity, often end up battling its many challeng-es alone. We don’t talk about the struggles but instead are expected — often taught — to remain stoic, put our heads down, just get through it. Yet how has that worked out for us? Look at where we are with physician burnout? It’s not sustainable, especially for women. Procedure is the start of a long overdue conversation about how we can all work together to challenge and change the way healthcare is being directed.” Procedure includes timely, at times difficult, conversation about the state of medicine and where women fit into it. Procedure is also inspirational in the stories these remarkable women tell about their own experiences at the front lines working to influence change. Kellie Menendez, co-found-er of Half Full Decor and designer of the book’s cover, explains, “Although I designed Procedure’s cover, to me, this book is beautiful for the parts you cannot see. This book represents strength, courage, and relentless pursuit and has the quiet whisper of forgiving. It’s a testament to the power women hold when united.”The book is now for sale on Amazon and is available for discounted orders for book clubs.