Pacwell Advises Students About Their Sex Lives

Pacwell, also known as Pacific Wellness, is an on-campus organization dedicated to promoting student health at Pacific. Many recognize Pacwell for the emails they send out every Wednesday, covering topics such as: strategies to cope with stress, forming a sleep schedule, exercise tips, and more. Pacwell has most recently taken it upon themselves to promote sex education around campus. While some people find it a little comedic to be receiving “the talk” from their university, others believe that the facts and tips given by Pacwell can be very helpful to those who may not previously have had much sexual education. “I think it’s important for some people to read [the sex education emails] because they might be unaware of how to safely do those things,” says Celeste Ayala, HESP ‘20. “I guess it could be funny to some people but I think those people just need to understand that some people are not as sexually educated as others.” Over the past few weeks, Pacwell has posted flyers around residence halls advertising their sexual health clinics. One of the posters titled, “Sex is good,” was recently vandalized with the caption, “after marriage” written right below it. This shows the kind of comedic manner in which many students regard Pacwell’s efforts to promote sexual education. Some students believe that such clinics may have a low turnout because of the sensitivity of the subject of sex. When asked how she thinks Pacwell could better reach students, Tierra Smithson, Political Science ‘22 says, “I know that webinars can be really useful, so people can go online for them and be in the privacy of their own homes while still interacting. Maybe sometimes students can even anonymously interact with other students or advisors in the chat.” Above all, students stress that, because the topic of sex is so sensitive, providing as much privacy as possible is necessary to have a productive conversation about it. Lauren Hudson, International Relations ‘21, says that an online version of sexual education would make people feel more comfortable. For this reason, she believes that Pacwell’s best bet is to stick with sending out their advice in email format. This way, those who are interested can feel free to read about it by themselves, and others could ignore it if they are not interested. Although students have conflicting feelings about the effectiveness of Pacwell’s sexual education outreach, many agree that, taken seriously, sexual education can be an extremely valuable resource.