Khloe K’s Leaked Photos: A Take on Fame, Body Positivity, and Public Image

Apr 21, 2021
'Bye xx' written on a mirror with lipstick

By: Isabel Acevedo

On April 7th 2020, an unedited photo of Khloe Kardashian was released on the Internet, showing
her body in a swimsuit. Shortly afterwards, her team took down the photo from Instagram
accounts that had reposted the picture. She then released a statement explaining her actions and
citing the blame on criticisms from her time in the spotlight and how she has been subjected to
body-shaming in comparison to her other sisters.
This incident has led to a deeper discussion on the beauty standards set for social media
platforms. Apps like Instagram and Snapchat are meant for us to highlight the best pictures of
ourselves and our lives. It has become normal for people to digitally edit and filter their pictures
as well.
Influencers follow these standards for an increase in likes and followers. In the same way they
are forced to follow these standards, they also contribute to their permanency. Their followers
see these pictures and either idolize the perfection or criticize them when their pictures lack
perfection. Social media generally places a harsh lens on influencers and celebrities to uphold the
beauty standards through what they post.
The irony of this entire situation, however, is that the Kardashians are only condoning these
impossible beauty standards through only posting edited and filtered pictures. One of the main
reasons they care so deeply about their image is because they have an enormous public
reputation to keep up. Once they have the public opinion and affection, they can sell their
products in order to encourage people to become more like them. The Kardashian way of life is
built on upholding this image of perfection: tiny waist, large breasts and butt, lip injections,
plastic surgery, and perfect makeup.
Whether they do it intentionally or not, these impossible beauty standards are only perpetuated
by influencers and celebrities who feel the need to create the perfect image of themselves.
Recently, celebrities have been taking strides to break down these standards for women in the
social media limelight. It has become more common for them to post pictures of themselves,
without makeup, without editing or filters, and showing off the parts of themselves that are often
criticized the most. A new way of body positivity has emerged combating these beauty
It is important to note that celebrities that have large platforms like the Kardashians should be
using their platform to reinforce this notion. Chasing approval in Instagram likes only leads to
further perpetuating the toxic stereotypes surrounding women. It might be hypocritical for me to
say this, but I feel these same standards in the back of my mind before I post pictures of myself.
But after letting go of the idea of this perfect image, I felt more comfortable in my own skin. It
felt like taking ownership of myself instead of letting other people have their say.

Khloe Kardashian, despite the previous criticism of her family profiting off these beauty
standards, has every right to take down this photo of herself. However, after so much time in this
intoxicating spotlight that harshly criticizes every time she strays from the perfect Kardashian
image, I believe this could have been the perfect opportunity for her to announce how she was
going against these stereotypes. It would have made great strides in the body positivity
movement if she had not made such a fuss over one picture that was less than perfect. The reality
is that no one’s body is perfect, and no amount of editing and filtering can ever create that
perfect reality.