Title IX Services at Pacific

In the wake of recent sexual assault allegations within the Pacific community, attention has been brought to the Title IX sexual misconduct services offered on campus. Located in Hand Hall, the services offered to students include access to victim advocacy programs, aid in reporting to the police, aid in reporting to the university, and access to other support resources. Some students believe that while the services offered at Pacific are extremely helpful, and can even be vital in times of emergency, they simply are not advertised enough. “I am not completely aware of all the services available on campus,” says Ezaura Mazza, Education ‘22. “Although I do know of some, I feel like there could be more signage on campus, especially in residence halls.” Other students suggest that the resources offered on campus could be improved. “I’ve known a couple of people that have been sexually assaulted in the Pacific community and I have known several that have been sexually harassed, including myself,” says one anonymous student, International Business ‘20. “To be completely honest, in both situations (sexual harassment and sexual assault), all situations were received poorly and executed poorly. In my own case, I filed a complaint and although I asked to remain anonymous, the professor called me out during class about ‘not being able to take a joke.’” If you or a friend have experienced sexual misconduct and are in need of assistance, contact Pacific’s Student Victim Advocate at 209.403.0250. The Student Victim Advocate is a confidential resource that students may seek out for counseling or assistance with reporting to the police. The Title IX tab of the University of the Pacific website also contains more information on how to help a friend who has been a victim, how to access counseling or psychological services on campus, preserving evidence, and the victim’s bill of rights.