Jan 18, 2021
Letter to the Editor: The Cruelty of ICE
By: Amnesty Club

He is the “uterus collector” who is “taking everybody’s stuff out,” says Dawn Wooten, a nurse who blew the whistle​ on the existence and extent of the hysterectomies and other nonconsensual gynecological procedures…
Jan 17, 2021
SB-145 Does Not Make Pedophilia Legal: Stop Listening to QAnon
By: Jasmin Prasad

QAnon, a baseless far right conspiracy theory, is back with their continuous spread of blatant propaganda. Most recently, Senate Bill 145, which was signed by California Governor Gavin Newsom on September 11, 2020, has…
Jan 8, 2021
By: Isabel Acevedo

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, otherwise known as AOC, is a US representative for the 14th New York District. Recently, she had an encounter with Florida Representative Ted Yoho that involved a heated conversation about a…
Jan 8, 2021
On Cancel Culture, White Privilege, and Living in a PC Society

By Liliana López

Hello. I am Liliana, who’s last name is pronounceable. I am Liliana, your neighbor who’s nicely manicured lawn matches all the others in this white suburban neighborhood. Liliana, who’s parents are accent-less, tax-…
Dec 2, 2020
Film Club Award Nominations
By UoP Film Club


In our first official article, the UOP Film Club would like to announce our personal nominations for the 2018 film year! In what has been an astounding year for film, it takes a lot to make the impact these movies had…