Athlete Spotlight: Caitlin Reynolds

Name: Caitlin Reynolds   Age: 22   Graduation Year:  2019   Sport: Softball   What made you get into softball?: My Dad and Grandpa played baseball in college and both my siblings play, so I grew up around playing and watching the game.   What inspired you to play?:  Since softball players are consistent (hitting well 3 out of 10 AT bats is considered good), I continually feel the drive to improve and better myself.   How long have you been playing softball: I’ve been playing since I could pick up a bat. So, for about 17 or 18 years. Since my Dad played, he would teach my siblings and me from the get go. I can still remember how it feels to hit a wiffle ball right on the sweet spot of my plastic bat out in the backyard.   What position do you play?: I am a catcher.   What made you chose Pacific to continue your softball career: Pacific is a small D1 school, which means I can compete at a high collegiate level while having a quality education.   What is your favorite part of playing a team sport?:  I love how supportive everyone is on a team. Not one person can beat the opponent. Everyone has their role to promote success. So, if one teammate is struggling, everyone else on the team has to pick that person up because without one part working, the whole is not successful.   Do you see yourself playing professionally after college?:  No, after college I will not be continue playing softball on a competitive level. As much as I love playing softball, I look at it as an opportunity rather than my life. Playing college softball has allowed me to gain an education and further myself in academics.   What do you want to do after graduating from Pacific: I plan on becoming a psychology researcher. Ultimately, I want to study what it means to have quality end of life care.