Athlete Spotlight: Philip Hjorth

by Malavika Raj Lifestyles Editor   Philip Hjorth is a freshman tennis player originally from Hoersholm, Denmark.   Q: What is your major ? A: International Business   Q: What are some pre-game rituals you and the tennis team take part in? A: I usually write down goals and objectives in my notebook for the match. With the team, we always put music on in the locker room.   Q: How do you handle the pressure of solo performance during a match while being part of a team? A: It comes down to locking it down in the given moment. I like to set up a plan and try to execute that plan and committing to what I want.   Q: How long have you been playing tennis? A: I have played tennis since I was four years old. So, that’s about 16 years. But, on top of that I have been with a tennis racket and a ball in my hand since I was a baby.   Q: What sparked your interest in the sport? A: My mom played professionally. She made finals for Wimbledon. Originally, I played soccer, and got injured, so I started playing tennis. I was born into it.   Q: Where have you played internationally? A: I have been to every continent, except Antarctica. I’ve travelled to South America, North America, Europe, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, and the Philippines.   Q: What is it like to be travelling constantly? A: You get used to living out of a suitcase and carrying what you need and that’s your life and your home. I was living by myself in Spain, while my family lived in Denmark. I was already absent from home. So, for  probably 2-3 weeks a month I would be away from Spain. I probably went back to Denmark in total for a month to a month and a half a year.   Q: What made you chose Pacific to continue your tennis career? A: I had a great opportunity to come over and work for the coach as our head coach. College was a great opportunity to get a degree and still have the chance to pursue tennis.