When it comes to graduation, every senior deserves to be recognized. This includes athletes! Their lives may be busy but that does not stop them from making their graduating teammates feel special. “We have a tunnel tradition for our seniors that is really fun!” shares Emma Winkler, Education ‘20. The runners on the track and field team send their seniors out with a cheer as they form a celebratory tunnel near the end of their last meet. After warming up for their final events, the team creates the tunnel for the seniors to run through and for their teammates to shout their support. The team also plans to hold an end-of-the-year banquet as a way to honor the seniors and reflect on this year’s track and field season. At the banquet, the coach presents a slideshow of photos from the season along with funny quotes from the team members. Once everyone on the team has finished their events for the year, the coaches and the team all go to Six Flags Magic Mountain to rejoice over a fun-filled season. “Six flags is a great way to bond with the team and the coach in a way that doesn't just involve athletics,” states Lexi Amo, Health, Exercise, and Sports Science ‘19. The women’s tennis team also had some exciting ways to make the end of the year memorable. Every senior was gifted a scrapbook made by the other members of the team, filled with photos from their past four years here at Pacific. Each team member added a decorated page with a personal letter to all of the graduating seniors. Leftover photos were used to make collages to fill up the scrapbooks. These scrapbooks are presented on “Senior Day” during a team dinner after their last match. At this dinner, the team’s coach gives out awards. “...All the seniors were able to talk about their experience and thank some of the staff in athletics who make what we do every day possible,” says Hannah Ketcherside, Accounting ‘22. “[Three-quarters of the] seniors are not from the US, so they talked about how grateful they were for this experience and how everytime they left home they felt like they were coming to see their second family.” This year-end festivity gives the women’s tennis team the opportunity to reflect on their favorite memories with their graduating teammates and be thankful for their experiences as part of the team. As the 2018-2019 school year comes to a close, there are celebrations everywhere. Returning students are thrilled to have made it through another year and seniors are hopeful for what their future holds. All of our student athletes get to share this joyful time with their teammates and step forward into another school year or a new chapter in life together. Congratulations to all graduating Tiger athletes!

Pacific Athletes Celebrate Graduation