Pacific Recreation Offers Tigers Adventure Escapes

Dec 02, 2020
The Pacifican

Sports are great and such an awesome thing to be a part of, however not all students can make the time commitment required. Other students like the idea of staying active or enjoy outdoor activities that are not offered as intramural sports or sport clubs on campus. Thankfully, Pacific Recreation offers an amazing program for students who are looking for these types of activities. Tiger Escapes gives students the opportunity to “escape” what they normally do on campus and exposes them to new experiences. Generally, their trips are more outdoorsy but the team strives to have a variety and meet their philosophy that there is “something for everyone.” Dustin Rich (Health Exercise Sports Science, 2019), the Graduate Assistant for Competitive Sports and Outdoor Adventures, states that Tiger Escapes is a nice getaway and a way to get some stress relief for students at Pacific. He says that it is also great for exploring the Bay Area, especially for students who are not from California. Participants get to visit places like Yosemite and Alcatraz, as well as try out activities such as white water rafting and wine tours. Lauren Whiteley, the Assistant Director for Competitive Sports and Facilities, loves getting to go on the trips herself but also really enjoys seeing students connect with others and make new friends. “I want to give students...a memory they can take from college,” Whiteley shares. The most recent trip Tiger Escapes offered, a Mt. Diablo camping trip, is an excellent example of what students can get out of participating. After hiking for a few hours, making new friends, having snacks, and playing games, everyone got together to make chicken fajitas over the campfire. The students helped prepare the ingredients and learned how to make a “camping-type” meal together, a skill that they can use in the future at home or in other outdoor activities. As part of Pacific Rec’s mission to provide services that “foster the development of whole person wellness,” Whiteley states that Tiger Escapes “gives well-rounded experiences to the student.” Students can try something new or revisit an activity that they enjoyed before going off to college. “You don’t need to be into working out to have fun with us!” she exclaims. “[Tiger Escapes] teaches [the] student something about the benefit of taking a step away from their studies.” Whiteley sees it as a form of self-care and an opportunity to have some fun amidst all the stress of college life. Community, fun, and a little bit of adventure are promised on every trip. “Just sign up, trust me!” Rich urges. “Lots of students go with friends, but some do go solo and still end up having a good time no matter how nervous they were.” Everyone leaves having made a friend during the trip. The trips are also open to faculty and guests of Pacific students, so students who have not yet made many friends here on campus can still brings someone they know along with them. The trips are well organized, so there is no need to worry about putting together all the details. Just sign up and hop in the car, lunch is provided! Check out Pacific Recreation’s page on Pacific’s website to learn more about Tiger Escape’s trips, or contact Lauren Whiteley at for further questions.