Pacific Women’s Basketball Team Plays Through the Pandemic

Jan 24, 2021
Pacific Women’s Basketball Team Plays Through the Pandemic

By: Jane Hwang 

For Pacific’s women's basketball team, this season has been quite different due to COVID-19 pandemic. 

Last November, cases of the virus were reported on the team causing games to be postponed or even canceled. Because of this, the season didn’t officially begin until December 13th in accordance with university procedures.

Matches with Fresno State, San Jose State University, and Weber State got cancelled. The match against Stanford University on November 29th was pushed to December 15th, which they ultimately lost. 

Despite this, the team was able to follow through on a few matches, securing wins with Louisiana State University, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Saint Mary’s College of California, and University of San Francisco. 

To keep safe, players were (and continue to be)  required to take safety precautions such as wearing masks (optional when practicing or playing), having socially distanced seating, preventing unnecessary contact between players and other coaches/game staff, and getting Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tested multiple times per week and within 48 hours of each game. 

Despite all these changes, the team continues to be in good spirits. 

Bradley Davis, head coach of the women's basketball team, mentions that the team tries to maintain a “normal routine” but may often adjust it to accommodate for any difficulties. Davis notes that, aside from games, many of the team’s usual traditions were also cut off due to COVID-19.

We haven’t been able to do last year’s postseason banquet,” Davis explains, “nor this year’s team retreat or Team & Supporters Annual TipOff Dinner. On the small scale, the only time we’re able to be all together is for practice or games, so there are a lot of little things like team dinners that just don’t happen this season.  In addition, they’re missing getting together with friends and family.  For example, we didn’t go home for Christmas either. While there’s a lot that we’re missing out on, to a person, we are still truly appreciative and grateful that we are able to have a season throughout all of this.”