Super Bowl Bores Millions

On the first weekend of February, the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams went head to head in the fifty-third iteration of the major sporting event known as the Super Bowl. Millions tuned in for one of the biggest televised event of the year to watch the New England Patriots be crowned champions for the sixth time following a game that was totally, absolutely, and without a doubt, a complete bore. The game ended 13-3 in favor of Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and the perennial villains of the National Football League, with a touchdown being scored only once throughout the entire game. This was the first time in Super Bowl history that a game had gone three quarters without a touchdown, as up to that point the game had consisted of two field goals, a missed field attempt, and countless turnovers. Not even individuals who watch the Super Bowl for reasons other than football could be entertained, as the only notable commercials played in the three hours included a few witty T-Mobile ads and Budweiser’s annual “dog and some horses” commercial. The halftime show included a shirtless Adam Levine, notable Georgia rapper Big Boi, and Travis Scott pulling the biggest “gotcha” moment in the history of the halftime show. Super Bowl LIII was an endless series of could-have-beens. What could have been a medley of creative commercials to keep non sports fans entertained became 3 hours that potential new football fans will never get back. What could have been an entertaining showcase of popular and local musical artists became an endless supply of Twitter memes comparing Adam Levine’s clothing choices to living room pillows and curtains. What could have been an exciting war of attrition between two of the best teams in the NFL became a contest to see who could fail slightly less than the other. Ratings reflect the declining quality of one of the biggest shows in American television. This year’s Super Bowl had the lowest ratings in a decade, a stark contrast to an optimistic rise in television viewership for the NFL’s regular season. Maybe it was because people hate to see the Patriots play in the Super Bowl over and over again. Maybe it was because the football was just genuinely bad and boring to watch. But regardless of the reason, the 2018 NFL season ended not with a bang, but with a nationally resounding cry of: “meh.”