ASUOP A&E Invests in Hip Hop Artists for Tigerlands

The Pacifican

Following much anticipation, the lineup for this year’s Tigerlands spring concert has finally been released. Tigerlands 2019 will be featuring Bay Area Hip Hop artists P-Lo, Rich the Kid, DJs Two Friends, as well as Stockton’s very own R&B singer Destiny Rogers! Excitement is high among students as the artists booked this year are more well known among Pacific’s population compared to the artists booked in previous years. “Out of all the years I’ve been to Tigerlands, this is probably going to be the best one. I think it’s because of the genre and the lineup in general make it better because the artists have bigger names than the others we’ve had in the past, so I think everyone is looking forward to it more” says Celeste Ayala, HESP ‘20. Another reason students are looking forward to 2019 Tigerlands more than other years is the new guest policy. Students are now able to bring a plus one to the concert for free as long as they fill out a form located on the Tigerlands event Facebook page. Guest passes will be distributed on a first come first serve basis, with a maximum of 500 guests total. When asked about what part of Tigerlands she is most excited about, Jasmine Gonzalez, Psychology ‘20 says, “I’m really excited to see Rich the Kid. I’ve heard a lot of his music before and so I can’t wait to see him live.” In addition to the great artists mentioned before, Tigerlands also provides students and guests with interactive areas separate from the concert area such as: Food Land, Chill Land, Fun Land, and even opportunities to win prizes in a raffle! Food Land will be providing tacos, mac and cheese, funnel cakes, and snow cones free to the first few hundred students! Chill Land provides a more relaxed atmosphere for those wanting to take a break from the high energy concert, in which students can use photobooths, explore an art sale, or get a caricature drawing of themselves and their friends. Fun Land will be equipped with a limitless escape room and even an inflatable slide this year. Taking a look at all of the options that 2019 Tigerlands has to offer, it is clear to see that the Arts and Entertainment staff has gone above and beyond this year to ensure that students get the best experience possible. Even for those who have never attended a Tigerlands before, the event seems like it will be a night to remember. When asked about what she expects to enjoy during Tigerlands, Chantal Millan, Speech Language Pathology ‘22 says, “I’m excited, the lineup seems really cool! I love hip hop music because it’s really easy to dance to and I can just picture everyone dancing and having a good time. I’m pretty pumped up about it.” Tigerlands brings to campus a much needed pick-me-up right before finals to boost students’ mood and end the year with a bang. If you are interested in attending, the event begins at 6:00 PM and will be located on the UC lawn. Hope to see you all there!