ASUOP Presidential Debate

The Pacifican

Last Wednesday we watched this year’s ASUOP presidential candidates talk it out in The Lair during our annual debate. The debate provided an opportunity for us to get to know each candidate a little bit better as they shared their ideas for campus improvement and reasons for running. Each candidate presented themselves as advocates for a different set of main goals in order to distinguish themselves from the other candidates. Presidential Candidate Emily Sackett, Business Administration & Psychology ‘21, describes herself as being a good candidate for the presidency because, as the current ASUOP Vice President, she has had plenty of experience working closely with administration and is familiar with the responsibilities she would have as president. Sackett states one of her most important goals as working on more transparency and accountability in order to improve the relationship between students and administration. “Connecting student feedback to administrative decision-making is one of the most powerful things that ASuop does and is something that I think further improves as President,” says Sackett. “Students need to be able to easily contact their student representation so that their opinions can be brought up within ASuop and students also need to know what administrators they can have conversations with for certain issues. I think students desperately need communication that clearly lays out who they can go and speak with regarding certain issues or topics and I am very ready to help connect students on campus.” On another note, candidate Robert Andrews, Applied Economics ‘22, describes himself as being fit for the presidency because he is already working towards the very same goals he plans to accomplish as president while in his current position as ASUOP Senator At Large. “Many promises were given from myself and my peers,” says Andrews, “but information expanding on exact implementation plans was only given as a part of my campaign. I am proud to have noticeable depth within my platform.” During the debate, Andrews presented himself as a funnel for student opinions, leading straight to administration. “Nobody has advocated for students more than I have,” says Andrews. He says that, by electing him, students will be able to use his platform to promote their own voices. Candidate Randi Holguin, Business Administration 21, says that she is fit to be ASUOP President because she is easy to talk to, can easily connect with the greater Stockton community (as a Stocktonian herself), and will be able to bring a fresh perspective to the table due to her diverse background and experiences. Holguin states her main goal for the presidency as increasing representation for the diverse groups of students we have on campus. During the debate, Holguin described how important it is that every student feel included in the important discussions we have about the future of our university. When asked what she believes her role as ASUOP President would be in the face of challenges like budget cuts and low morale, Holguin says, “My role is to be an ally to the students.” She elaborates by saying that she believes it is most important to ensure that no students feel left out of the discussion. Holguin says that, as President, she would work to get feedback from students to ensure that she is representing them in the best way possible.