Pacific Launches New Website

The Pacifican

By: Juliana Vargas

On September 15th, Pacific launched a newly branded website for the university. After 13 years without any alterations, the new website displayed a modern look with bright new colors, eye-catching fonts, and an entirely different layout.

Jeff Harris, Senior Director of Digital Communications who pioneered this new website, mentioned that the main purpose for updating the website was not only to portray who we are at Pacific but to also share our story with prospective students. According to Harris, when reconstructing the site, he wanted the website to be mobile responsive, since versions in the past 13 years were not compatible with smart phones. Additionally, the new website, which reduced from 40,000 pages to 4,000, is more focused and easier to navigate.

“The website was like a storage prior to the new renovation. The 40,000 pages didn’t just go away; they are being relocated to a new student portal we are working on,” says Harris. He also added that they had three “mood boards,” but chose the one stretched the boundaries of Pacific with big fonts and bright colors.

According to the Pacific Tigers site, there has been controversy about changing the university’s traditional colors of orange and black according into navy blue, yellow, white, and burnt orange. “The traditional Pacific orange was inaccessible on the web, however, there are three shades of orange representing the undergrad, graduates, and professionals,” says Harris. The Pacific orange is still in our new logo and in the website, but with no text over it.” This new branding process was put together by a team in a span of over six months. Additionally, the website, which was not before, is ADA compliant and friendly.

One of the reasons the website was rebranding was because of the technological difficulties in the previous website, such as links crashing and poor ability to navigate through all the school’s programs. “The launch of the website was not postponed for the mere reason that you can constantly update it and make changes to it. Therefore, all the links crashing or being nonexistent can be easily fixed and constantly updated,” adds Harris. He also added that even with all the new adjustments, there is still more work to be done. “Google has to index and oversight the website, and that takes about three to four weeks.”

Chelsea Igtanloc, Bioengineering, Class of 23’, provided her insight about the latest updates to the site. “I really like the structure and the modern simplicity to cater to younger audiences while keeping a professional approach.” However, Igtanloc doesn’t like the new colors because they don ‘t “represent Pacific”. “There are pros and cons to this new website, and especially since you’re so used to the old one, it’s great that we have new things coming but it’s also hard to adapt to. It’s hard to navigate and the font is not to my liking, but it does its job and it’s good to make a change once in a while,” says Igtanloc.

Over the upcoming nine to twelve months, Pacific will also have a newly branded student portal, where student organizations can post and share their ideas. According to Harris, part of the new branding will extend on-campus, with flags, booklets, etc.