Scout Cooper-Wilson and Tierra Smithson Win ASuop President and Vice President Ticket

Mar 30, 2021
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By: Malavika Raj  

Results from the ASuop elections for the 2021-2022 school year are in.  Amongst the winners are Scout Cooper-Wilson and Tierra Smithson, who will serve as the next respective President and Vice President of ASuop.  The Cooper-Wilson and Smithson ticket received a total of 276 votes, while the opposing ticket with presidential candidate Reese Romero and  vice presidential candidate Areesh Ilyas received 178 votes. There were 9 write ins. 

“I feel extremely grateful that Pacific students have put their trust in me and [Smithson] to lead ASuop next year. I couldn't be more excited to put our plans into action,” said Cooper-Wilson, Economics, ‘22.  “I want students to know that we believe in everything we said throughout our campaign and will put our best effort into seeking progress at Pacific.” 

The voting polls closed last Friday, March 26th at 5 PM. The results were certified by the ASuop Supreme Court and Elections committee and announced yesterday, Monday, March 28th. 

“I can’t tell people enough how excited I am to begin the work for next year,” said Tierra Smithson, Political Science, ‘22.  “[Cooper-Wilson]  and I ran on a platform of pursuing progress and wanting to continue what we started this year, so when I learned we won, I was really excited because it means we get to continue our work and expand our efforts in ways that we can’t in our current roles.” 

Romero, Horn Performance, ‘23,  who ran against the winning team along with Ilyas, says that although he was hoping for a different outcome, he had a fun experience running. 

“Although of course I am disappointed we didn’t win, I’m excited to see what [Cooper-Wilson] and [Smithson]  as well as all the newly elected ASuop officials bring to the table. There are so many new faces to the organization, and I’m super excited to see how all of their different experiences and perspectives change ASuop for the better,” said Romero.

Here are the list of winners for the various senator positions:


Taylor Lam, Marissa Gandolfo Gillapsy, Joaquin Gonzalez, Arshita Sandhiparthi,  Ainsley Berryhill, Lorenzo Spaccarelli

Eberhardt School of Business:  

Mario Di Santi. 

International School:

Madeline Brown

Graduate School:

 Heather Greenup 

College of the Pacific:`

Ana Jimenez 

Benerd School of Education:

Precious Lee 

Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy:

Serena Young 

 School of Engineering and Computer Science:

Mah Noor 

College of the Pacific:`

Ana Jimenez 

Benerd School of Education:

Precious Lee